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What My Clients Say

Tynesha was exactly what I needed in a doula. She was calm, attentive, helpful, knowledgeable, encouraging, and present.

I appreciated the ways she made me more comfortable during labor. I asked her repeatedly to hit a pressure point in my hand during contractions and she was such a trooper doing it every time. She would frequently offer me sips of coconut water, massage me, get me cool rags etc.

During the pushing stage she stayed right up by my head and encouraged and coached me. Her helpful words and visualizations for me through 2 hours of difficult pushing. I don't know how much longer it would have taken without her help.

After the baby was born, she delivered our family home made bread and bone broth. They were delicious and it made us feel so seen and cared for during that sensitive postpartum period.

We still stay in touch and it's evident how much she truly cares for me and my little family. I'm so grateful for her and will be calling her back in a few years for help with baby #2.

Marie K. - Sonora, CA

Tynesha was an incredible partner to me through labor and birth!  This being my first birth, I was very worried about what pain levels would be like.  Tynesha helped me develop a plan for unmedicated labor, but also let me know that she would be supportive of whatever decision I needed to make.  She came to my home early in the morning when contractions started (I think it was 4 am?) and assisted my husband in helping me navigate early labor.  She then accompanied us to the hospital and stayed with us all day.  She helped me find more comfortable positions, ran the hot shower over my back, gave massages, coached me on breathing, and provided someone to lean on when my husband had to leave the room.  I not only appreciated Tynesha's care, her company was really important to the process as well.  She is insightful, knowledgeable, and well-traveled and good company to boot!  Not sure if I even need to say it at this point, but I highly recommend Tynesha the Doula.  <3

Stefani S. - Sonora, CA

Having Tynesha's support for postpartum was a blessing. Her warm, calming presence and easy skill with babies was wonderful to have in our home, as was her ability to offer us insight and information, and practical help around the household. Those early days can be full of overwhelming emotions, uncertainty, and new challenges, and knowing we had Tynesha's assistance, even for a few hours a week, was a relief and a valuable resource. We only wish we'd known about her beforehand, for pregnancy support, as we're sure it would've helped that part of the journey as well!

Nina & Zach - Mariposa, CA

We are an older couple essentially in our early 40s going through the experience of having a child for the first time…So we set out and…met a nice Doula that we liked immediately.  About four weeks prior to our due date, we had one last Zoom call to meet our back-up Doula, which happened to be Tynesha.  Tynesha was full of positive energy and kindness and we felt comfortable knowing that either Doula would help us once the day came.  
Well it so happened to turn out that our little guy decided to speed things up a few weeks early and this conflicted with our main Doula's personal schedule (family trip out of state).  Thankfully, Tynesha was on it and was in immediate contact with us to understand when and where to meet.  Sure enough, Tynesha arrived at the hospital bright and early when we estimated things were going to be kicking off given that we had to use Pitocin to induce.  Right off the bat, Tynesha was jumping in and providing a calming presence.  Tynesha was very attentive to our needs and adapted quickly to the room and nurses that were in and out.
Note, this was the first time meeting Tynesha in person but it felt like we had known each other already.  Tynesha immediately got her bearings and began working her magic.  Once active labor began, Tynesha approach really shined.  She was always encouraging to move, stretch, and do different things all while asking how things felt, level of comfort, and all with a positive and caring voice.  Fast forward to 9pm or so when pushing began, Tynesha was right there providing encouragement, ensuring comfort, and overall being the coach we needed.  
Baby Zachary came at 10:02 pm and all went well.  Tynesha stayed and made sure that we were all doing well before heading home.
If you are reading this, you are giving thought to hiring a Doula and possibly Tynesha.  Do it.  We couldn't imagine how this would have gone without Tynesha's support and we're incredibly grateful for her being there to welcome our son into this world.

Natalya & Jon - Modesto, CA

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